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Hi I am Pravina, person behind IndoGlobalFood. Welcome to IndoGlobalFood - place where we make and serve wholesome home cooked vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and egg-free food with very little effort. Whether you cook using slowcooker, microwave, oven or stove-top, you will find simple healthy recipes here.

I have seen my mother (Jasodaben pictured below) spending hours in kitchen making fresh food. I have a fulltime job. Same is the case for my daughter. She also has two very active 5 year old twins. With our busy life style we do not find it practical to spend so much time in kitchen. However with use of some wonderful kitchen gadgets like slow-cooker/crockpot, microwave , oven etc it is easy to make fresh and healthy food with very less effort.This blog is effort to adapt same tried and tested recipes suitable for hectic modern lifestyle. Many recipes on this blog are Indian Slow Cooker Recipes although I have posted many stove top, microwave and oven recipes too.

It took me some time to get adjusted to mindset of cooking food in slow cooker but once I got hang of it, my slow cooker does not ever go back in cabinet. It requires little bit of planning but with little practice it becomes routine. I am told by many people that slow cooker is not suitable for Indian food, but I have found that cooking Indian food actually becomes much more simpler with slow cooker.

For any questions or comments please reach out to me at indoglobalfood at gmail dot com 
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