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Indian Style Milk Fudge or Basudi ( Rabadi ) recipe using Slow Cooker

Rabadi or Basudi is usually made during festivals or for small gatherings. If you are using stove top then making rabadi or basudi is very time consuming affair. Making basudi using slowcooker will take couple of hours but you won't be standing in front of stove stirring milk continuously. You can make this item 2 to 3 days in advance and keep it in refrigerator for later use. It taste really good with puri ( Indian puff bread). It can also be served with malpua, Indian flat bread/roti, bread or even ice cream.

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1. 2 cup ( 32 0z ) half and half milk
2.2 cup ( 32 0z ) whole milk
3. 3/4 cup sugar
4.1/4tsp cardamom powder
5. sliced almond and pistachio for garnishing

Method of making Basudi/Rabadi using Slow-Cooker/Crockpot
1. In a nonstick pan combine milk and sugar. Boil it on gas stow until sugar dissolves. (If you have slow-cooker that can be used on stop top too than use the slow-cooker for this first step itself.)
3.Set slow cooker on high. Do not cover.
4. Stir very well every two hour or so to break the layer of cream.
5. After six hour put slow cooker on low for another 2 hours.
6. Depending on thickness you are looking for it takes about 8 to 9 hour to make basudi or rabadi (it is much thicker than basudi).
7. Transfer Basudi/Rabadi  in a  serving bowl.
8.Add cardamom powder and garnish with almond/pistachio. Basudi is ready to serve.

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