Tuesday, August 23, 2022

No Bake Snacks for Kids: Granola

 It back to school time and we all need easy to make snacks. So lets try this No Bake Snack loaded with nuts , seeds and dry fruits that every one will love. - No Bake Granola .


1. 1 cup old fashion oats

2. 2tbs brown sugar or jaggery.

3. 1 tsp gee ( clarified butter )

4. Slightly roasted nuts chopped in small pieces( almond , cashew ,  walnut ) quantity as per your choice 

5. Mix Seeds  - Sunflower seeds , Pumpkin seeds etc ( quantity as per your choice )

6. 2 tbsp Dry Cranberries 

7. 2 tbsp Raisins


In a pan put oat and butter ( Ghee ) and roast for five minutes on stove top .

Add sugar and roast until sugar melts. Roast for few more minutes until raw smell goes away. 

Now switch off the stove.  

Transfer in a big plate. 

After granola cools down add all nuts , seeds and dry fruits.

Store in air tight container .

Granola is ready to serve .

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