Tuesday, August 16, 2022

3 Smoothie Mistakes Making them Unhealthy

 Smoothies and Smoothie Bowl are latest fad in diet and considered healthy. However there are some common mistakes you might be making that are making your smoothies unhealthy and infect causing weight gain.

1. Adding Ice or drinking smoothies cold:

All the smoothie videos I see,  add ice to the smoothie, or freeze the fruit and then blend them to make smoothies creamy. However do you know that this cold smoothies are dousing your digestive fire. 

Per Ayurveda (age old and time tested Indian health science) digestive fire is the building block that helps you digest food properly and help body absorb nutrition properly. 

When your smoothies are ice cold, they are choking this digestive fire and hence it is not getting digested. Which causes inflammation and in-turn gut related disease. 

2. Mixing Yogurt/Milk or other improper combination in fruit based smoothies:

Fruits are supposed to be eaten with fruits since they take lowest time to digest. When you add dairy, protein powders, nuts or vegetables to fruit based smoothies, it makes it difficult to digest fruits and causes digestive issues.

To make smoothies heavier you can add various seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds etc. 

3. Mixing too many different fruits:

Fruits should be eaten with same type of variety. So alkaline fruits should be mixed with alkaline variety and acidic fruits should be added with acidic for most benefit. 

So keep your smoothies simple with 2-3 similar fruit varieties.  

Hoping these simple tips will help you make your smoothies healthier. 

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