Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chocolate Burfi or Milk Halwa recipe using ricotta cheese

We used to make burfi scratch from milk in past. It would require stirring for hours on low flame to make fresh burfi or milk halwa. Using Ricotta cheese burfi or halwa making becomes very simple. You simply combine three basic ingredients in a heavy bottom pan and stir it until it starts leaving the pan. That's about it and burfi is ready.  Sweets or Desserts Recipe

Burfi is very versatile bite size dessert.You can add any flavor essence and color to suit your taste or occasion. I have added pink color and rose essence in past for a girl baby shower. You can add pistachio essence and green color for a Christmas time gift giving. Here I have used coco powder to make two layer chocolate burfi. Bottom half is white while top one is chocolate burfi layer. Here is list of ingredients and step by step instructions to make burfi using ricotta cheese.

Chocolate Burfi Milk Halwa


1.2 cup whole milk ricotta cheese
2.2/3 cup sugar
3.1 1/2tsp coco powder
4.2tbsp ghee/ clarified butter (Make Ghee in slow cooker/crockpot)
5.1/4tsp cardamom powder
6.2 drop rose essence ( optional )

Step By Step Instructions:

1.In a sauce pan combine ricotta cheese, sugar and ghee. Put it on medium-high flame on gas stove.
2.Stir until mixture leaves the pan. (This should take about 30-45 minutes)
3.Now add cardamom powder and essence in a  half part. Mix it well and spread it in greased plate.
4.Add coco powder in other half part, add 1tsp milk and stir it well. Now spread chocolate part on white part.
5. Apply silver paper ( varakh ) if you have it available. It is optional though.
6 .Let it sit in freeze until it is cool. Cut the pieces and store it in air tight container.
7. If burfi is not for immediate consumption then keep it in freeze.

Above recipe will make about 20 pieces.This burfi can be made in microwave also very easily. I will post microwave recipe for burfi soon. Meanwhile please check out some other microwave recipes.

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