Friday, June 6, 2014

Simple Cold Pasta Salad Recipe: How to make pasta salad

With hot summer months here, this is a simple cold pasta salad recipe. Even though ingredient list looks long, you do not have to have all ingredients on hand. You can skip some vegetables/fruits or include more as per your taste. With addition of crunchy apples, cucumber and grapes this pasta salad gets great texture and interesting mix of flavors.
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Preparation Time : 15 Minute
Cooking Time: Time taken to cook pasta
Serve :4 People

1. 1 cup cooked Rotini pasta
2.1/2 cup cut cucumber
3.1/2 cup reddish
4.1/3 cup cut red onion (red onion taste sweeter compared to other onions)
5.1/3 cup grapes (any color grapes cut in half)
6.1/3 cup chopped apple
7.1/3 cup ripe black olive (sliced)
8.1 red tomato chopped
9. 20 grape tomato
10. 1 tbsp nicely cut coriander leaves
11.1tbsp nicely cut fresh mint leaves
For dressing
1.Olive oil as needed
2.1tsp black pepper powder
3.1tbsp lemon juice
4.1tsp sugar ( optional )
5.salt to taste

1. In a  bowl wisk all dressing  ingredients and place them on side.

2. In big bowl combine all salad ingredients and mix them very well with dressing.
3. Pasta Salad is ready to serve.

If you do not plan to consume salad immediately, please cover salad ingredients with cling wrap and put them in refrigerator. When ready to eat, mix it with salad dressing.

This pasta salad makes great dish for potluck, big gatherings or outdoor picnics and barbecues.

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