Saturday, November 7, 2015

Microwave Ricotta Cheese Burfi

Things have been pretty busy and I haven't gotten chance to post anything lately. So without any further delay, just in time for Diwali, a simple and quick recipe to make burfi or barfi using Microwave. In past I have made this burfi on stove-top but this time I just made this quick version in microwave.

Preparation Time: 5 minute
Cook Time: 12 minute


1. 1 cup ricotta cheese ( Mawa )
2. 1/3cup + 1tbsp sugar
3. 2 tsp ghee ( butter )
4. 1-1/2 tsp un-sweetened cocoa powder
5. 2 pinch cardamom powder

Method Step By Step:

1.In a microwave safe bowl combine ricotta cheese ( mawa ), sugar and ghee ( butter ). Mix it well.
2. Cover it and put it in microwave for 5 minutes.
3. Give it good stir after 5 minutes.
4. Again put in microwave and keep steering about every 3 minutes.
5. After about 12 minutes you should see that mawa mixture is coming together and does not stick to the bowl. That is when burfi should be done. Mix it well and split in 2 equal parts.
6. Add cardamom powder in one part. Mix well and spread in a greased plate.
7. Add cocoa powder in second part, mix it well and spread it on top of white part.
8. Let it cool down for about 4 hour and then cut it in pieces.

Keep it refrigerated.

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  1. Hi!, I loved this ricotta cheese burfi recipe. Will give it a try since you really made look like cooking it is easy. Cheers!


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