Thursday, December 26, 2013

15 minute Chana Masala or Chhole Using Micowave

Other day I had run out of vegetables and it was very cold outside to go do any shopping. Suddenly I thought of couple of cans of garbanzo beans sitting in my pantry.  I quickly ended up making chana masala or chhole / garbanzo beans curry using these cans. It is very simple recipe and using microwave it take only 15-20 minutes including prep time and cooking time to make restaurant style chana masala.

Some of the spices used in recipe below are traditional Indian spices and are all easily available in any Indian Grocery store. You can also purchase this Indian Spices Starter Kit which includes all the below listed spices and many more without worrying about significant investment.

chhole chana masala

Preparation Time: 5 minute
Cook time: 15-17 minutes
Serves: 3 people

For gravy:

1.1/3 cup nicely cut onion
2.1/2  cup nicely cut tomato
3.1tsp garlic paste
4.1 bay leaf or tamal patra
5. pinch of salt (there is salt already added in canned garbanzo beans. So this pinch of salt is just to help onion/tomato cook quickly )

Ingredient for Chhole:

1. 1 can ( 14 - oz ) garbanzo beans (or cooked/salted garbanzo beans)
2.1/2 cup tomato pure
3.1-1/2tbsp oil
4.2tsp butter
5.1tsp red chili powder
6.pinch of turmeric powder ( optional )
7.1tsp sugar
8.1/4tsp coriander powder ( optional )
9.pinch asafoetida ( optional )
10.1/2tspn garam masala
11.1/4tsp kasuri methi ( dry fenugreek leaves ) powder (easily find in Indian grocery store ( optional )

Method Step By Step

1.In a microwave-safe bowl combine onion,  tomato, bay leaf, oil, butter and pinch of salt
2.Now cover it and cook it in microwave for 10-12 minutes until raw smell of onion is gone.
3.Add remaining ingredients and mix it well.
4. Cover it again and cook in microwave for another 5 minutes.
5. Chana masala is ready to serve  with puri ( Bhatura ), naan, rice etc.
6. You can use same chana masala or chhole with Samosa as Samosa Chaat.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No bake eggless roller coaster or pinwheel cookie recipe

Many years back in India when my daughter was teenager, me and her used to watch TV in afternoon when she was back from school. She used to keep a diary of recipes shown on TV. We never made most of those items ! However one day we came across such a simple recipe that we had to make it. Recipe called for Marie biscuit or digestive biscuits, shredded coconut and sugar. Everything was handy and there was no cooking. There was some freezing time and wait was so difficult ! Since then we have made these pin-wheel cookies many times for gift-giving and just for munching!. The item was called roller coaster. So here is the recipe for no-bake eggless cookies or roller coaster.

Eggless Nobake Pin-Wheel Cookie


Chocolate Layer:
1.1 and 1/4 cup Marie biscuit/Goya biscuit (digestive biscuit) powder (around 25 cookies)
2. 2tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
3. 2tsp powder sugar
4. 1tbsp butter
5. water as needed
Coconut Layer:
1. 2/3 cup dry shredded coconut
2. 1/3 cup powder sugar
3. 2tsp butter
4. 2tbs milk ( as needed )

1.Combine all ingredients for chocolate layer and make smooth dough.
2.Combine all ingredients for coconut layer and mix it well.
3.Roll  chocolate dough on wax pepper about 8"-10" diameter.

4.Now spared coconut mixture on top of chocolate layer.

5.Using wax paper, roll the chocolate and coconut layer in a single roll.

6.Put the roll in refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
7. After 1 hour cut the roll in 1/2" slices.
8. No bake Roller Coaster Cookies are ready to serve.

Here are some other eggless goodies.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eggless Sugar Cookie with Icing Using Wheat Flour

It is Christmas time and festivities are all around us. I decided to make these sugar cookies to celebrate this holiday season. I also made quick and easy icing for my grand kids. This is very simple recipe. Entire batch of cookies was ready in less than 30 minutes. Just like my other baked goodies this sugar cookie recipe is also eggless.

eggless sugar cookie

Preparation time 10 minute
Bake time 10 minute
Makes 25 to 30 cookies depending on size

Ingredients for Sugar Cookies:

1. 1 cup flour (1tbsp wheat flour + rest all purpose flour)
2.1/2 cup melted butter
3. 1/2 cup powder sugar
4.  1/4tsp baking powder
5.1/4 baking soda
6. 2 to 3 pinch salt
7. Sprinkles

Ingredients For Icing:

1. 1 cup icing sugar
2.drop of vanilla essence
3.1tbsp +1 to 2tsp milk

Method to make cookies:
1.In one bowl combine dry ingredients and whisk well.
2. In another bowl take melted butter and powder sugar. Mix it well until it becomes creamy.
3. Add flour slowly to butter and sugar mixture to make dough.
4. Cover dough with plastic and put it in a freeze for about 20 to 30 minutes.
5 After 20 minute divide dough in 25 equal parts.
6. Cover cookie sheet with butter paper.
7. Press cookie balls with your palm and arrange in a cookie sheet. Keep about 1" gape between cookies.
8.Pre heat oven at 350F and bake for 9 to 10 minutes.
9. Transfer cookies on wire rack when done.

 After cookies cool down they are ready for icing.

Method for making Icing:

1. In icing  sugar add vanilla essence.
2. Slowly add milk and mix it well while checking consistency. Icing should be spreadable using knife.
3. Using spoon or knife spread icing on cookie. Spread rainbow sprinkles on icing. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.

My grandkids loved the cookies. They even spread their icing on their own cookies and sprinkled them by themselves. It was fun activity with my grand kids. I also sent a batch of these cookies to my husbands office. None of the cookie came back home !

Marry Christmas to all our readers.

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